Genelec 1030a
Focal Twin 6 BE
Monitor Controller SM Pro M-Patch 2


Benchmark DAC1 Pre
Universal Audio Apollo 8 Quad Thunderbolt
Apogee Duet


Shadow Hills Mono Gama
Great River Harrison 32 Eq
IGS Audio Vanad 500 Neve style preamp
SMProAudio Tubebox 500
SPL Goldmike Tube preamp
Valley People 440 analog compressor/expander/limiter
Vermona 2010 analog graphic equalizer/filterbank


Allen & Heath Zed 14
Roland M-12E


Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser Mic
SE Electronics Z5600a Tube Mic
SE Electronics SE4
Alctron El. HST 11A (AKG C12 Clone)
Shure PG52
Shure PG56 x2
Shure SM57


Roland a-880 Midi Patcher/Mixer
Novation Nocturn
M-Audio Axiom Pro25
Evolution U-Control UC33
Alesis Percpad


Korg Ms20 Mini Analog semimodular
Futureretro XS Analog semimodular
Elektron Analog Four Analog with Overbridge
Roland Juno 106 Poly Analog
Roland Alpha Juno 2 Poly Analog
Elektron Monomachine Anniversary Edition
Elektron Machinedrum SPS1
Waldorf Blofeld
Access Virus Keyboard Ti
Yamaha Dx7


Electro Harmonix Germanium OD
Korg DST-! Distortion
Hartke Bass Attack
Electro Harmonix Soviet Big Muff
MXR Carbon copy analog delay
Korg Kaoss Pad 2


Apple Mac Mini, Intel Core i5 2,8 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD
Ableton Live Suite 9.7
Native Instruments Machine 2 with Machine Mk1 Controller
Native Instruments Massive
Native Instruments Supercharger
Brainworx Bx Refinement
Sonic Charge Microtonic
Waldorf Edition 2
UAD Plugins
Soundtoys Bundle